Working at Oreel

Working at Oreel

Working at Oreel means a healthy workplace, a good atmosphere and plenty of development opportunities. We always have room for people with enthusiasm and talent for technology, even if you do not have the right prior education or work experience. Oreel offers side entrants a fully customized learning path. You can get started right away and receive the right guidance. In a few weeks you will learn the basic skills in practice, from which you will develop yourself further. Oreel is also a challenging company for people with a lot of experience. You will work for major customers worldwide and you will have the opportunity to work with highly advanced devices, some of which are even unique in the Northern Netherlands.

Sometimes you have to take a gamble!

One of the colleagues who came to Oreel as a side entry student is Klaas Jan de Goede. “I am a foreman in the laser department. We have a well-motivated team. The atmosphere is social and we work hard every day to deliver quality.

My original work was a team leader in the print industry. I started in that sector when I was 17 and have made great developments over the years. I have always enjoyed working there. Due to competition from abroad, the financial situation in that sector declined, turnover decreased by the month. I already felt the storm and chose eggs for my money; a new career.

I looked for a job with a good future perspective and saw that there is a stable market for metalworking. After that I actually applied directly to Oreel with the announcement that I did not know exactly what working in the metal meant, but that I was open to everything. For me it was a gamble, but so was for Oreel. Fortunately, it worked out well on both sides and I am still grateful to Oreel for giving me this opportunity.

First, of course, I walked along on easy functions. I picked it up quickly and was soon allowed to operate the machine myself. It all went very smoothly. After a while I indicated that I wanted to stay with Oreel but then give more leadership. That has happened and I am now completely at home here. If you want a lot, there is a lot to do. Oreel is growing and technology is developing super fast, so this work remains challenging. I have a bright future ahead. I would say to people considering a different career, take the chance. If it matches your interests somewhat and you have the right mindset, you can go a long way.

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