Oreel & sustainability

Oreel & sustainability

At Oreel we always take steps towards the future, especially when it comes to sustainability. We strive for an innovative factory with the least possible impact on the environment. The large piles of paper from the past have made way for monitors in all workplaces and our factory roof has room for 2500 solar panels that generate a large part of the energy we use in the company. Oreel made the choice for LED lighting and biofuel at an early stage. The entire company has been off gas since 2019. Sustainable entrepreneurship also means that we have an eye for the health of all employees. Ergonomics and safety are paramount and those who work at Oreel receive free company fruit and can use a gym subscription.

Social Responsibility

At Oreel we want a working climate where everyone feels safe and where ergonomics and health are paramount.  We reject discrimination based on race, religion, sexuality or origin Training, multi-employability and development for our people is a fixed value

Ecological Responsibility

We try to reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible; For years our factory has been heated with bio fuel and since 2019 the offices too  2500 solar panels provide a large part of the electricity that we use and with which we supply back to the energy network  LED lighting, energy-efficient machines and active waste reduction policy are examples of other environmental-saving measures

Economic Responsibility

By investing in innovative techniques and software, Oreel is busy shaping the factory of the future

We strive for long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers; real partnership. Only then can you really strengthen each other.  By purchasing locally as much as possible, we strengthen the community where our employees live