A family business that mákes a difference and contributes to your growth. Since 1855

  • Diverse and modern machinery
  • Short delivery time also for large projects
  • Short lines and extremely flexible
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Welcome to Oreel

Oreel makes products from metal: steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Oreel is a supplier. This means that we do not manufacture our own products, but parts designed by our customers. Our customers are machine builders who offer solutions for, for example, sorting eggs, vegetables and fruit. Or sorting waste, cabinets for various applications in infrastructure and the medical or plastics industry. We produce for them so that they can focus on developing and marketing their machines. This intensive relationship between Oreel and its customers demands confidence. Oreel has been delivering this for 165 years!

More about Oreel

Women in technology

Most careers are off the beaten path and that still means little women choose a job in technology. Unfortunately! At Oreel we are happy to welcome more female colleagues. "A job in engineering just isn't something that comes to mind when girls are to be at school. I also didn't discover it until I was 40 and now have a job for life.

Our expertise

Our expertise